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          We are seeking a part-time (5-10 hours/week) youth leader.  The successful candidate will be guaranteed a six month salary ($525 per month)―contingent upon fulfillment of expected responsibilities on a consistent and competent basis―in order to give the church and candidate time to evaluate the working relationship and the progress of the youth ministry.





  •         * Plan, oversee, and manage the curriculum and coordinate the youth Sunday School classes 6th to 12th grade (range to

  •            change as we grow).


  •         * Plan, oversee, and conduct the Wednesday evening youth program and activities.


  •         * Both of the preceding items to be planned with the Pastor and PPR approval. Should be a month in advance.


  •         * Be responsible for supervision, training, and recruitment of adult volunteers for youth-related activities.

                  -- Ensure that adequate adult supervision is in place for all events/activities.

                  -- Ensure that Safe Sanctuaries policies are honored and upheld in all youth ministry events/activities.


  •         * Work with pastor to engage youth in worship services.


  •         * Encourage attendance in church services and participation in church liturgy.


  •         * Plan and coordinate special youth events (Resurrection, Camp Lookout, mission projects, trips).


  •         * Will attend church Administrative Board meetings.


  •         * Will participate in youth planning and preparation of youth budget.


  •         * Prepare weekly attendance report.


  •         * Be responsible for advising youth and parents of all planned programs and activities.


  •         * Assist in other duties as assigned by Pastor.



        (1) Be an enthusiastic Christian with a desire to grow; (2) have the ability to teach; (3) share theological beliefs compatible with the United Methodist Church; (4) have good communication, planning and organizational skills; and (5) successfully pass a background check. Experience in Christian leadership, as an employee or volunteer, is preferred but not required.


To apply for this position, please submit the following to Rev. J. Todd Kingrea at

        (1) A one-page cover letter sharing your faith journey.

        (2) Your resume

        (3) Two references

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